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About Zorro-Flow®



Manufacturer of Neonatal External Urine-Collection Device  

Zorro-Flow® is a neonatal external urine-collection device which has been designed for safe and effective use on even the smallest of children. The device provides a safe, comfortable and easy-to-use system for continuous measurement of urine output and sampling.  

Urine output is a piece of information in critically ill patients, it lets physicians know about organ perfusion and allows them to determine the amount of fluid to prescribe to address any imbalances. But the current urine-collection methods used in neonates and small children have significant drawbacks, which means clinicians are often unable to get the information they need.

Talk Urine To Me


Each year 3.6 million babies are born in the US, of which, 10.9% (393,888) are admitted into the
neonatal, cardiac and pediatric Intensive Care Units (ICU).

Having access to urine to quantify and analyze is a fundamental and vital standard to properly care for
neonates. This seemingly simple activity greatly assists the clinicians in determining if the kidneys are
functioning properly and dictates the amount of intravenous fluids to give to achieve and maintain
homeostasis in the neonate. In cases of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), urine output or the lack of volume can be
an indicator of mortality and unfortunately, approximately 27% of AKIs are not detected by serum creatinine in the neonate, later increasing the probability of Chronic Kidney Disease.


Current methods to collect urine are fraught with problems and clinical practice varies greatly.

Catheterization can
be dangerous due to the small size of the urethra, making it hard to find, and it can cause pain and
noticeable discomfort. There is an increased risk of urinary tract infections and guidelines teach to
remove the catheters ASAP to reduce the potential for infections, thus losing the critical information
about volume over time. Cotton balls are used but are very difficult to quantify and often the urine mixes with stool, making analysis and quantification null. Urine collection bags are cumbersome, don’t fit well, and should be replaced after every void. And finally, diaper weights and count are not
accurate enough and analysis is ruined by the presence of stool. The clinician is faced with choosing the “least worst” option. Until now…


Introducing Zorro-Flow®… the SAFE and EFFECTIVE external urine collection device designed for newborns
and small children. The patent pending ergonomic design makes it easy for the clinician to obtain timely
urine collection without the trauma and risk of UTI that are inherent to indwelling bladder catheters.
Simple to apply and can be used for up to 24 hours. Easy to remove at any time without tearing a
neonates delicate skin.

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